Current location: Middlesex


Palletline is the UK's first premium palletised freight distribution company, operating right across the nation and Europe. Our carefully selected members work collaboratively to provide the best possible services to each of our customers.

From our launch in 1992, Palletline has revolutionised the way pallets are transported, through our forward thinking approach to development and ‘hub and spoke’ distribution method. Palletline and innovation go hand-in-hand; we are constantly embracing new technologies and improving our business models to increase the speed and efficiency of our services, whilst helping to reduce pallet delivery costs for each of our customers.

Today, Palletline continues to reinvent the industry standard; combining the highest levels of customer service with industry leading innovation, such as our custom Contrado technology.

Palletline is known for our dedication to innovation and each of our services are designed to support the needs of our customers and members right across the nation. Our dedicated teams drive fast, efficient and reliable services with every pallet transported across the UK and Europe.