Palletways (UK) Limited

Current location: Staffordshire


Palletways was founded in 1994 and provides express delivery solutions for consignments of palletised freight, via a member network of independent transport companies. We are the UK market leader with a 25% market share and we handle greater volume than any pallet network. In the UK we have a national hub in Lichfield and regional hubs in London, Bristol, Leeds & Edinburgh.

Why should you work for Palletways? Well the answer is simple - You will be working for a company that is at the leading edge of technology and innovation. A company that is continuously growing and setting new industry records on a regular basis. Most important of all you will be working for a company who invests in its workforce and actively encourages career development and progression. Become part of the Palletways family and work with top industry professionals to achieve career success.

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