Expeditors International (UK) Ltd

Current location: Greater Manchester


Expeditors is a Fortune 500 service based Logistics company with head quarters in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Expeditors generate highly optimised and customised supply chain solutions for their clients with unified technology systems through a global network of 331 locations in 108 countries on 6 continents employing over 16,000 staff worldwide.

Expeditor's menu of core services of Supply Chain, Transportation, Customs and Clearance, Warehousing & Distribution offer full spectrum support for Retail, Fashion, Technology, Oil and Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, and Aerospace industries, and for the unique logistics challenges each sector present.

From wholesale global logistics, to specific supply chain enhancements, their services are supported by leading edge information technology systems operating on a single, global operating platform.

At the heart of every project are Expeditors specialists, whose knowledge and insight are driven by long term industry experience.

Expeditors Culture and Core Values.

"At the core of our cultural philosophy is a mission to exceed 'customers' expectations through excellence in global logistics. And we're unwavering in our commitment to that mission"