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Whose data is it anyway?

In this data-driven age, how might new data protection regulation affect the recruitment industry? In only 275 days the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) kicks in. For recruiters and employers, so used to surreptitiously checking up on a candidate’s social media profile, it’s a potential headache. Not least because companies falling foul of the new […]
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You know a prospective employer will want to check out your social media. So is this legal?

Social media gives away great insights into your personality. But do you want a prospective employer sneaking around your social posts? If you’re a job seeker, it’s inevitable that your social media will be checked out as part of an employer’s magic carpet ride through your personal life. The impression your online ‘footprint’ leaves can […]
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Will technology make recruiting easier or tougher?

Technology will affect not just jobs in tech, but ALL jobs. Artificial intelligence is out there but thankfully, the task of recruiting the right candidate won’t ever be replaced by a robot. However, the smart recruiters are the ones who embrace the power of technology to entice their candidates in the first place. They work […]
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Please turn the sound off.

The power of storytelling using video is putting visual content higher up the priority list for people wanting to get their message heard above the increase in online ‘noise’. In an age when over 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute, Facebook experiences a 95% rise in the use of video and […]
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There’s video… And there’s Vidu.

The rise and rise of the Video CV. You’ve heard of video CV. And you’re up to speed with the fact that over 50% of all internet traffic is online video. So why, when you’re looking for a job—or recruiting a top candidate—does video not really figure? What’s so difficult about using video in recruitment? […]
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Recruitment comes of age: here’s the proof…

There’s a tendency for recruiters to imagine that amongst so-called ‘millennials’ is where most movement in the job market happens. Essentially young people entering the job market who were born from the end of the 80s to the turn of the century. Surprisingly there’s now a big change amongst older people—the so-called ‘Generation-X’. These are […]
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Is video for the here and now—or the near future?

The inexorable shift to online video for marketing, entertainment and social engagement continues apace. Smart brands are fully on task. Traditional brands are planning for it. And there are those brands that remain treading water in their old ways. Where does that leave Recruitment? The recruitment process has remained largely unchanged in how it functions: […]
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