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5 Reasons to Work in the Logistics Sector

With the school holidays and ‘out of offices’ now a thing of the past, September tends to be a very popular month for shaking things up career-wise. If you’re looking to change sector for your next role and feel ready for a new challenge, then the logistics industry could be the right place for you. […]
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How your business can benefit from Vidu Video Recruitment…

It is a fact, all businesses have different requirements when sourcing new staff. Whether your business is benefiting from significant growth, or you are needing to backfill a role due to staff attrition, Vidu aims to facilitate your requirements… and more! Working closely with our employer members, our dedicated consultants have developed three levels of […]
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Vidu, and our place in the Logistics sector…

Throughout the last 2 years of introducing Vidu to the Logistics industry, I have met with some of the largest organisations across the world. In every single meeting, something leads me to remember exactly why I embarked on this journey. I created Vidu Video Recruitment to revolutionise the hiring process within Logistics. Having been privy to […]
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Vidu Video Recruitment Acquires Search Company Anderson Grey

Logistics recruitment company Vidu have recently acquired executive search company Anderson Grey, in a bid to further strengthen their innovative staffing and employment offering. This strategic and monumental acquisition sees Anderson Grey’s Joe McCormack, who has a wealth of recruitment experience in the logistics sector, join the board of Vidu and take the role as Chief Commercial Officer, working with Founder Nicky Jones in building, scaling and growing the business. Joe […]
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Focus on your future… Dos and don’ts for creating your Vidu Video CV

We often hear that candidates are more nervous about creating a video CV than attending a first interview! Vidu Video profiles shouldn’t be something to be feared but embraced, as they simply allow you to let your star quality shine through and really focus on your career growth. So, have you thought about creating a […]
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A video is worth 1.8 million words!

What does the fact that YouTube has more than a billion unique users every month tell you? That people spend a good chunk of time viewing videos maybe? In case you’ve not already noticed, employers looking for the best talent are making compelling videos that show off their company’s strengths. An employer without a video […]
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Who cares who came second?

In today’s ‘gig’ economy, with an increasingly mobile workforce, the recruitment business is bigger than ever; with over 9,500 recruitment agencies each with an annual turnover of over £250,000 operating in the UK. The industry’s value to the UK economy now exceeds £35 billion. For recruiters, the talent pool is bigger and more diverse than […]
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