Vidu, the pre-interview video recruitment platform connecting logistics employers and candidates.

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Whether you’re climbing the career ladder yourself, or recruiting the best candidates for your business, Vidu’s interactive tools ensure you find the right fit.

Vidu is free for job-seekers and low-cost to employers, is standalone or can be fully integrated into your ATS.

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You’re not just an email or bullet point list on a sheet of paper. We get it.

It’s why Vidu gives you the tools to go out there and show employers who you are and what you can do. Get in front of the brands you really want to work with.

Create your profile today and be discovered by employers who will know the real you before you’ve even met.

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Packages designed to find the right candidate first time, every time.

We offer three levels of professional service for employers ranging from the Classic self-serve through to the fully managed Pro. All employer packages include interactive profile tools as standard so you can show candidates what to expect when they apply.


Platform access:

  • Post your open vacancies (self-serve)
  • Competitively priced
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Platform access, plus:

  • Curated executive shortlisting
  • Competitive fees (half that of traditional recruitment)
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Full recruitment solution

  • Executive search, vetting and shortlisting
  • Dedicated Senior Consultant
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Traditional recruitment

If you’re not quite ready to fully digitise your recruitment process with our cutting edge digital platform you can dip your toe in the water first with our traditional recruitment solutions.

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